Service and maintenance

An important element of our product portfolio is offering service and maintenance agreements that cover the accommodation part of the installations, we work on. Minor damage can quickly develop – if it is allowed to do so! One of our most important tasks is to detect, limit and perform damage repair as quickly as possible, for the sake of daily work on the rig, but also to mitigate the financial consequences – the earlier any damage is discovered and repaired, the cheaper it will be. A service and maintenance report from CS Accommodation A/S ensures you have an overview of the extent of potential damage, giving you the peace of mind to plan the work in an otherwise hectic offshore working day.



CS Accommodation offers service and maintenance agreements within the following areas:

Floors / walls / ceilings / bathrooms / furniture and fittings / galley and mess areas / cold storage and deep-freeze rooms.

Survey on location:

We travel to the rig and look at the various areas. 

- Review building and construction.
- Locate and document damage.
- Take pictures and drawings as documentation.

Survey report prepared:

Back in the office, the material is reviewed and a survey report is prepared, which covers the following:

- Description of the areas surveyed, with localisation of damage and extent of damage. Pictures and drawings included as documentation.
- Proposed repair work is described, possibly with additional proposals with prioritised repairs.
- Documented with data sheets, drawings etc.

Budgeted prices and schedule:

- Based on the survey report, budgeted prices are prepared for the work that needs to be done, with the work listed in order of priority.
- According to customer wishes, a schedule of the various work is drawn up, which takes account of daily rig operations.

Performing service tasks:

- Materials are packaged and shipped from our warehouse in Esbjerg, Denmark.
- Once confirmation has been received that the materials have arrived on the rig, CS Accommodation’s experts are sent out to perform the agreed work.
- Once the work has been completed, the materials and tools are packed and shipped back.

Operations and maintenance plan:

To ensure as long a lifespan as possible, operating and maintenance plans are drawn up, which cover the following:
- Overview of the completed work.
- List of materials.
- Cleaning after refurbishment – recommendations with regard to what needs to be done, what will be used and how.
- Regular cleaning and maintenance – recommendation of what will be used and how.


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