This is what we do:

Basically we upgrade accommodation units and thereby improve living and working conditions for employees in the offshore and marine industry.




AD Location, Qatar, new public toilet

CS Accommodation undertakes all work – from minor repairs in existing bathrooms to new, fully fitted bathrooms. And we can perform the work either during a yard stay or offshore.

Bathrooms and toilets on board ships and drilling rigs must be built and fitted to the highest standards. Installations must work, the water must drain properly, and there must not be any flaws in the construction. At the same time, they must be light and inviting for the sake of the personnel. Not least, it must be of high quality – and with respect to daily use and cleaning. 



Bathroom constructions:

- Floors, walls and ceilings: removing existing constructions, new sub constructions, vinyl on surfaces.

- Installations and bathroom furniture, such as toilets, washbasins, shower installations etc.

- Prefabricated wet units.

Bathroom conversions:

- Rebuilding bathrooms on-site – built from scratch (in terms of quality: An attractive alternative to wet units).

- Rebuilding bathrooms so that each cabin has its own.



“Energy Enhancer” for Northern Offshore UK LTD
New rules meant that two cabins were unable to share a bathroom. Working offshore, we rebuilt the bathrooms so that each cabin had its own en-suite bathroom. Light, inviting and designed for long-term use.



“SeaJacks Leviathan”
Offices and conference room converted into five new cabins with new bathrooms. The bathrooms were built on site as the tight time schedule did not permit wet units to be ordered. Faster delivery and installation – and high-quality bathrooms ready for use.

World wide accommodation solutions for the offshore industry