SeaJacks Leviathan, new conference table

To ensure the best basis for making decisions, a 3D design presentation was prepared before starting production. All furniture are produced according to instructions from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and made from IMO-approved materials.

At our factory, CS Furniture, we produce standard and customised furniture for individual cabins or for complete furnishing of a new rig. We tailor furniture to the individual rooms according to customer wishes and ensure high levels of user comfort for personnel living on the rig as well as for those carrying out cleaning and maintenance tasks.



For offices and recreation rooms:

- Desktops, shelves, cabinets, chairs, couches, drawers etc.

For cabins:

- Individual beds, bunk beds, wardrobe cabinets, bookshelves, desktops, drawers, chairs etc.

For messes:

- Mess room tables and chairs, cabinets, stainless steel buffet counter etc.

For galley and storage areas:

- Galley equipment in stainless steel, shelving etc.

For toilets and bathrooms:

- Toilet, washbasins, shower units, steel cabinets etc.



Before fitting out the 50 cabins with new floors and furniture and fixtures, we prepared 3D layouts to ensure that the customer felt confident when deciding on materials and layout. We subsequently supplied 50 light and inviting cabins to the full satisfaction of the rig.

“SeaJacks Leviathan”
Offices and conference rooms were converted into five new cabins with new bathrooms. The bathrooms were built on-site, as the tight time schedule did not permit wet units to be ordered. Faster delivery and installation – and high-quality bathrooms ready for use.


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